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If you’ve just opened up the City of Sydney Narratives project for the first time you’ll find it’s choc-full of stories and films, with images from the Deck of Dreams, quotes and information about how people have collaborated across the City to make this information resource.

And you may be wondering: ‘What’s this all about?’

If that’s the case you, it’s possible you’re not one of the many involved in the Mental Health Recovery Network (MHRN) – the group changed it’s name from Inner City Working Group 4 Mental Health Recovery (ICWG4MHR) in May 2016.

MHRN has been meeting since 2006 at Northcott in Surry Hills and builds on involvement of the Northcott Narrative project led by Big Hart in the previous four years.

Result of Issues Workshop Northcott 2007

The CADRE project was developed to take the idea of mental health neighbourhood watch across the Inner City.

Here’s your chance to continue that work, you’re holding over 9 years worth of successful partnering, creative excellence and how a community has turned itself around. Think of this site as your very own guide and come with us on an amazing journey.

If you are new to the Inner City it’s not to late to join with us.

Knock on a door, make a phone call and say hello

This project was funded by the Clover Moore Trust Fund with the support of St Vincent’s Hospital Darlinghurst and the Inner City Mental Health Recovery Working Group.

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