The misguided search for maniacs

This is an interesting article

Hopeworks Community

This post was originally posted a few months ago.  In light of the Murphy bill it seemed like a good thing to revisit.

The article below by John Grohol speaks to a 60 Minutes story that tries to tie mental illness to violence.  Grohol convincingly dismantles the 60 Minutes story.  He demonstrates the shoddy assumptions underneath it and also points out it was a story in service of a political agenda that was never honestly disclosed.  He is right on the money.

There is a wider issue though.  There is a very disturbing and growing trend out there.  It is the tendency to say the mental health system is a failure because as the Navy Yards demonstrated the “maniacs” are all still running around loose.  That kind of “thinking” is so dangerous, so hurtful and so simply minded stupid.  It is stigma on steroids and simply offers a convenient excuse…

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