City of Sydney Narratives Project

Shark Attacks

This year Australia has experienced a number of Shark Attacks. reported count 13. I wonder if there is a reason for this.

Could it be that for so very long the Human race has without any thought for their immediate Needs Greeds used the Ocean as their own.

It could be as simple as fish stocks are depleted, The Oceans have become warmer even though some feel that Climate Change is not Happening.

As child of the 60 living in this great country the East Coast of Australia was my playground with Countless hours in the surf.

I am not an expert, however I have always felt that the Oceans are where Sharks have resided and is at the top of the food chain –  when you choose to go into their feeding ground do so at your own peril.

The Answer seems to be kill the 1st shark that is located or Cull them on Mass

If you know that a yard has a sign up saying Beware Savage Dog you would not open the gate and enter unless you wanted to get attacked. I could be completely wrong. Hopefully we can learn from the past however I feel that some lessons take a long time.


Daryl Holmes