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On July 14 we held a CADRE Connect information session with the Inner West Tennants Group

About this resource

This training package, funded by Inner West Sydney Partners in Recovery was designed out of work developed by MIND Australia, St Vincent’s
Urban Health team and the Mental Health Recovery Network.

The initial Cadre project was funded by the Clover Moore Lord Mayoral Salary Trust and was aimed at continuing to address the range of mental health needs and issues in social housing concentrations and surrounding communities.
A project reference group directed the development of this package.

Acknowledgements and thanks go to the members of the group.
Laura Kelly, Bill Yan, Douglas Holmes, Norman Booker, Charmaine Jones, George Quinn, Lisa Smaljov, Counterpoint Community Services, South Sydney Community Aid, St Vincent’s Urban Health Team Consultant, Inner Sydney Regional Council, St Vincent’s Urban Health Team, Rozelle Neighbourhood Centre

Thanks to Dom Grenot for assistance in the development of this resource.
We acknowledge First Nation Australians for their
careful custodianship of the land on which we live, work and play.
More information
Charmaine Jones

PO Box 3277

This training is general in nature and gives a broad overview of the mental health sector.
This training package will not provide you with the skills to give psychiatric advice.
Graphic Design and layout: Alys Martin

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