Menu for Recovery Camp

The SUPER Group has been working on developing the program for the Recovery Camp and it will be released in the next couple of weeks.

Two members of the group have taken responsibility to coordinate the menu for the camp.

They have looked at several options including:

  1. People bring there own food
  2. Using the camp caterers, food would be supplied for lunch and evening meals for $45.00 per day per person
  3. Using local caters to provide an evening meal cost $36.00 per day per person
  4. The food would be coordinated and prepared by members of the SUPER Group and cost $25.00 per day per person. .

The SUPER group discussed the options on Wednesday 27 June and decided to support option 3. There is a shop at the camp, however they only have limited supplies. The majority of The SUPER group will be travelling by public transport and only public transport will be available to travel into Forster.

I have attached the files that were presented to the SUPER group regarding the catering for The Recovery Camp:

  1. Camp Menu
  2. Menu for Ripples – boat shed café where we had lunch (only option for those not wanting to eat with us if they do not have transport)
  3. Golden Roast Buffet Port – spit roast menu (suggested alternative to BBQ dinner)
  4. menu costings for all food – (spreadsheet too large to print – probably better to view on board via your projector if that works OK)

The registration page will be updated to allow people who are coming to the camp to indicate if they want The SUPER Group to provide food for them for the camp and include options for how people will pay for the food.

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