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The Carer Expo will inform carers of people with mental health issues about support available through St. Vincent’s and in the area

St Vincent’s is recruiting for a MH Carer Reference Group to advise St Vincent’s

Wednesday, 21st september

9.30am to 4.30pm

Venue: O’Brien Centre

Mental health carers are invited to visit an ‘Expo’ providing information about the mental health and carer support services available through St Vincent’s mental health services.

Carers are also invited to register their interest for the:

St Vincent’s Mental Health Carer Reference Group

To advise St Vincent’s on its mental health carer policies and issues through email contact and committee meetings.

Reference Group Q&A at 12 Midday

The register your interest for either, please contact:

Or call Mental Health Carers NSW on: 02 9332 0777