D Day plus 24

Today is the 24th day since I left St Vincents Hospital as the Consumer Participation Officer, I am in Newcastle for the weekend and woke up with my mind thinking through the next stages of this journey.  

I decided to put this post up on the CoSNP blog to help clarify some of the questions that I have received during that time. 

Q 1 Are you happy now that you have retired? 

Answer: Yes except that I don’t see this next 3 – 5 years as retirement more as finishing off some of the things that I have not had the time to do with a full time job 

Click here to see a definition that describes how I see retirement unfolding for me. 

To assist me to do this I have formed an enterprise called MH-worX  

Later today I will be looking at a house in Boolaroo that hopefully will give me a base to operate from. 

From February I have organised to be in Sydney for 4 days during the 2nd week of the month that will allow me to reduce my travel and be actively involved in projects like Promoting Recovery Month,the Hearing Voices Network, Team Marbles Challenge and The Recovery Quilt. 

I have maintained my same phone number 041 346 4469 and have created a. new email address 

I was pleased to see the following message – see image

This week I will be visiting several Hearing Voices groups and members in Bathurst, Orange, Dubbo and Mudgee in the Mid West and will be talking about organising a Dare to Dream in 17 forum, I will let you know how this unfolds.  

Bye for now 

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