2017 Recovery Conference

Greetings everyone!
As you know, the Recovery Conference will be taking place this fiscal year, June 13 -14, 2017. Unfortunately, because the state is not funding the conference, we will have to raise the fees. We are trying to keep cost down as low as possible, but please understand, without the state funding, we currently have no option but to raise fees.
With that in mind, let me give you some details (heads up CROs with mini grant money that needs to be spent!).

Theme: “Ad Astra Per Aspera” — To the Stars With Difficulty; Not Only Survive, but Thrive!”

The theme fits our state motto. This has been a difficult year, but peers, we are here and are surviving and thriving! I am so proud of all of you for being resilient, and figuring how to keep things going!

The logo will feature the circular picture of our state flag.

The cost for consumers will be $100. For non-consumers, the conference fee will be $150. (at this time, there are no scholarships available.)

The T-shirts will be $15 when ordered in advance ($5 more at the conference!).

Exhibit tables will be $55 for consumers, and $100 for non-consumers.

One keynote speaker is confirmed (and will be announced later! But will say this person is one of our own from Kansas!).

We know that CROs have been asking if they can pre-pay now, due to the mini-grants that they have (and must spend by December 31). Several CROs have asked, and have been told that they could use the mini-grant funds for the Recovery Conference (and Bowling Tournament Fund Raiser!). If you are from a CRO, and need to pre-pay by December 31, here is the plan that we are going to follow, and allows you to pre-pay.

Include a list of proposed members/staff that you are registering

Include T-Shirt size (if the individuals are wanting a T-shirt

Cost will be $100 per person, and $15 for a T-shirt. Total cost per person would be $115.

Mail the list, along with a check, payable to Kansas CAC in time to use your mini-grants.

Mail to: Kansas CAC, PO BOX 485, Colby, KS 67701

Once registration forms are out, you will need to fill out the registration forms, and mark them as “PRE-PAID” alerting us to double check with the list sent in with the check.

Unfortunately, you are unable to pre-pay for the hotel room at this time.

The Conference will begin at 1:00 pm on June 13 (please eat lunch before you arrive)

Dinner will be provided that evening, as well as snacks at the dance.

On June 14, Breakfast will be provided (if you stay at the conference hotel), and lunch will be provided as well.

As we are starting later, the conference will likely end around 4:30 on day 2, to keep from eliminating activities in the conference.

Thanks to all of you for encouraging us to go ahead with the conference, even though it means a higher registration. Your input/discussions are what is making this conference possible!

Brainstorm with each other, and help each other come up with ways to save funds back, so that you can attend this conference.

Remember, this conference is by Peers, led by Peers, and planned 100% by Peers!  

See you in June!

Gary J. Parker


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