Team Marbles Challenge report back to Team Captains


Yesterday I ran off the labels for the Replacements Marbles and the Secure Collection Tins, Josh and Nate will be putting them together this week and I will be delivering your Marbles Kit on Wednesday 6th September.

I will be at the TheMHS conference next week and will be starting to collect Donations for the CADRE Connect training under the Mental Health Carers NSW banner and look forward to seeing how this goes. 

How are you coming along with your Team Marbles Ambassadors – I have secured Sheree Creagh as my No 1 Ambassador, she has links to the Hairdressing industry and has a strong interest in supporting Hairdressers across the state, my No 2 Ambassador is Warren who has links to the Randwick Girls High School. 

Happy to talk further about this with you when I drop off the Marbles Starter Packs on 6 September. 

I have included screen dumped from each of the Facebook Insight pages of the level of Post Engagement for the last week, you can see some teams are already practicing to get followers interested in their pages.

While I was in Kansas we had a lot of interest in the TMC and 13 Consumer Run Organisation have committed to being involved at the Recovery Conference in Witchia. 



Captain Orange

Ps Jeanette can you table this report for the MHRN meeting, I will be an apology as I will be at the TheMHS conference. 

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