The Team Marbles Challenge is on in earnest

I have included an email and some images that I have sent to each of the Team Marbles Captain today highlighting that the Team Marbles Challenge is on in earnest and is only 17 Days away.

It important to ensure your vote counts so log on here and support your team, To become a supporter for any of the teams click here



I have been looking at how Facebook reports back and creates the graph for Post Engagement on each of the Team Marbles pages.

There are 4 settings

Yesterday, Today, Last 7 days, Last 28 days

It is possible to do a custom download of an enormous variety of data however it does not match up with post engagement scores that are displayed in the graphs

I spoke about this at the Mental Health Recovery Network meeting and it was agreed that I would let each of you know that the group deceided to use the pre-organised setting to record the scores for the last 28 days to record the scores for Task 1 for the TMC. This means that we would have the post engagement scores from 14 September

I have put together the images using the current last 28 days post engagement score in a powerpoint format for each of the teams to show you what I will prepare and bring to Sydney on 13 October.

I will call each of the captains between now and Saturday to make sure you are aware of this and try to answer any questions this may bring up for you




Slide1Slide2Slide3Slide4Slide5Slide6TMC Numbers last 28 days V0.2 260917Task 1 and 2 scores

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