Team Marbles Challenge

The Team Marbles Challenge is being developed by the Inner City SUPER group to support the development of The Recovery Cave at the O’Brien Centre at St Vincents Hospital, Darlinghurst, NSW.

Individuals are being encouraged to join a team and support the development of the Team Marbles Challenge.

The 2015 Team Marbles Challenge will be held in Surry Hills on 9th October at Surry Hills Community Centre 40 Belvoir Street, Surry Hills starting at 1.30 pm.

To see the rules for 2015 Click Here 2015 Captains Information Pack

There are currently 5 people who are interested in developing teams. To like :

Team Orange captain Daryl Paul Holmes click here

Team Green captain Bill Yan click here

Team Red captain Lynda Hennessy click here

Team Blue captain Leanne Webber click here

Team Black captain Charmaine Jones click here  

Click here to become a supporter for any of the teams click here

A meeting is being organised in August to finalise an additional team or changes for 2015.

Send an email to

Information given to people that were involved in 2014

Email to Team Captains Captian’s Information Pack

Information from the inaugural 2013 Team Challenge

ICTMC Revised Rules

See page 4 2013 September Recovery Cave News

See page 4 2013 Recovery Cave December News

LABLES 2014 Team Marble Challenge Promotion

SSCA 2014 Team Marble Challenge Promotion 


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