Recovery for Real

Recovery for Real is a project developed by the Kansas Consumer Advisory Council for Adult Mental Health (CAC) in 2012. Recovery for Real was a project funded by The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) for development of a consumer led  Trauma Informed Care (TIC) Model

The CAC is working with the Inner City SUPER Group to provide information and leadership to bring this Trauma Informed Care model to the Inner City.

The project includes a two day train the trainer workshop on 11/12 May involving people with a Lived Experience from across the Inner City.

There will be ongoing development, publishing and refinement of the TIC resource created in Kansas to suit the NSW system. This will be supported by the CAC with regular video conferences and email contact.

What is TIC?

• Trauma informed care (TIC) asks not what’s wrong with you? Instead it asks what happened to you? The current model of mental health care asks about your symptoms (what‘s wrong with you?) and focuses on prescribing medications and treatment plans to help you cope with your symptoms. It rarely asks what happened or looks at the symptoms as coping/survival strategies. TIC recognizes the coping/survival skills and doesn’t traumatize an individual or re-traumatize them when they seek help.

Have questions about Recovery for Real? Contact Douglas Holmes


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