Next Steps – Consumers

Welcome to Next Steps.

Next Steps is a peer support group to help you with your recovery. Next Steps was incubated in the SUPER Group.

At Next Steps you will receive information about mental illness and sensitive understanding of your experience with mental illness. You will also receive information about a support service you could use once you are discharged.

Everyone involved in organising and running Next Steps has a lived experience of mental illness. It is quite possible you will find someone who has a similar lived experience to you.Next Steps holds meetings on Saturday and Tuesday mornings from 9am to 10am for inpatients of the Caritas Ward at St Vincents Hospital Darlinghurst.

Each meeting covers a particular mental health topic and a particular support service.

The mental health topics currently are Anxiety & Panic Attacks, Bipolar, Borderline Personality Disorder, Depression, Psychosis & Schizophrenia, Substance Abuse and Trauma.

There are few, usually three, short videos for each mental health topic. The videos are used to trigger discussion. There is also a general fact sheet about recovery and one or more factsheets about the particular mental health topic.

Taking Depression as an example, the videos are:

  1. I had a black dog, his name was depression 4:20
  2. Living with a black dog 5:56
  3. The Lies Depression Tells You 5:04

The first video provides an overview of Depression for consumers. The second is a continuation of the first but this time for to an audience which includes family and friends as well as consumers. The third video, which has some rough language, is a ‘motivational’ video for consumers.

The general fact sheet is The Roads to Wellness.

The specific fact sheets are Depression and the Vicious Cycle of Depression.

There is also a one pager, Golden Rules for Recovery, which was developed by the SUPER Group. A copy is put on each of the chairs before the start of the meeting and it is used for discussion during the meeting.

Some of the support services have a video which can be used and all have a brochure. Additional information can usually be provided by the meeting facilitator.

The final item on the agenda is discussion/explanation of important documents: Consumer Wellness Plan, Patient Safety Plan, the Feedback Form and the Your Experience of Service Survey

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