Interesting email from SAMSHA

On Thu, 21 Sep 2017 at 8:18 am, Smith, Amy (Bullock) (SAMHSA/CSAT) <> wrote:

Dear Event Planner/Contact:

SAMHSA is very pleased to have you join us in the National Recovery Month (Recovery Month) observance for 2017. Your initiative to coordinate and host a National Recovery Month event is a testament to your commitment and dedication of the millions of men and women in recovery and their families. I am most pleased to inform you that your event has an opportunity to be feature in the Road to Recovery TV show in 2018. Each year we feature events that have captured the public’s attention and underscored the need for everyone to support those in recovery. We are therefore asking you to please consider posting your pictures and videos taken during your event or activity on the Recovery Month website at http://www.recoverymonth,gov and to also send a copy to as well.
When you post the events on-line you can do so by going to the event file that you originally posted and consider adding: Your event flyer, event pictures with captions if possible, and event videos of performers, leading elected officials who may have joined you, or, individuals in recovery giving their testimony, or, a family member. 
When you copy Darlene Sagheer on your posted materials, please include your contact information and the name of the event, the date and descriptions/captions for the pictures (the same you submitted with the on-line web posting) and any description of the videos you attach.
I want to thank everyone that will assist us in this effort and encourage those on the fence to consider sending in your stellar materials that will enhance your event posting on the Recovery Month website! 

Please note that your materials must reach us by September 23rd in order to have them be included in the November show. 

 If your event is on the 23rd or later in September, or, beyond, then please post it anyway as we will consider it for the March 2018 kick-off program. 

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