Hearing Voices Network NSW Training coming to NSW

HVN NSW is working with Voices Vic to bring their training to Sydney, so please start promoting amongst your networks! 

The dates are from Wednesday 27th September to Friday 29th September at Collective Purpose.

This link to register or for more information: https://www.regonline.com.au/ultimatehearingvoicestrainingsydney2017

The Hearing Voices Approach 2 Day training has recently been endorsed by both;

  1. The Australian Association of Social Workers for 14 hours of CPD points  
  2. The Australian College of Mental Health Nurses for 11 CPE points

To register or for more information about the training click here

Winfield Kansas 

These are some of the images from the last couple of days while out shopping for new Marbles Runs in Witchia Kansas.

The Consumer Run Organisations we have visited have been excited about being. Involved in developing a Kansas Team Marbles Challenge in Kansas during he next couple of years.

The Kits we have settled on are different from the ones we use in Australia, however the skill needed to build them and have a fast time rolloing the marbles still requires participants to focus on the task at hand.

After five days of putting the Marble Run kit together Gary Parker is taking around 5 and 1/2 minutes to construct the kit, and yesterday he rolled the marbles through in 53.28 seconds,

Looking forward to visiting the othe 7 CRO’s this coming week.

The top picture is standing on the top of Pikes Peake in Colorado