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Final Results TMC 2018

Congratulations to the Green Team for 2018, Bill Yan led his team to a second win and the privilege to take Ben the Bear back to office.

There was a tie for second with both the Purple and Orange teams finishing on the same number of points overall..

There were several outstanding performances yesterday especially with the Blue Team breaking the 1 minute barrier for the first time with Task 4, this spurred on the Green time to register 54 seconds.

The other outstanding performance came from the Purple Team completing Task 3 in the amazing time of 5 minutes and 57 seconds.

The two new teams learnt some interesting lessons that will assist them into the future.

The numbers for each of the 4 Tasks are shown below.

2018-NSW-Captians-Pnformation-Pack-VF-6-021018Final Task 2Final Task 3 2018Final Task 4 2018Final Scores TMC 2018