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The misguided search for maniacs

This is an interesting article

Hopeworks Community

This post was originally posted a few months ago.  In light of the Murphy bill it seemed like a good thing to revisit.

The article below by John Grohol speaks to a 60 Minutes story that tries to tie mental illness to violence.  Grohol convincingly dismantles the 60 Minutes story.  He demonstrates the shoddy assumptions underneath it and also points out it was a story in service of a political agenda that was never honestly disclosed.  He is right on the money.

There is a wider issue though.  There is a very disturbing and growing trend out there.  It is the tendency to say the mental health system is a failure because as the Navy Yards demonstrated the “maniacs” are all still running around loose.  That kind of “thinking” is so dangerous, so hurtful and so simply minded stupid.  It is stigma on steroids and simply offers a convenient excuse…

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CADRE Gettogether

 The Inner City CADRE Network had a successful get-together on Wednesday 18 December 2013 at St Vincents Hospital when members from a number of the sites, where the CADRE training has been delivered came together to talk about how there groups where progressing and to start planning where they would like the CADRE network to be in 5 years’ time. A report from the day will be developed and circulated to all CADRE members before the next LFLB 4 forum.

The CADRE network was developed to support people across the Inner City and is like Mental Health Neighbourhood watch. Opportunities for people to be involved in the CADRE network are:     From Wednesday 5 February between 1 and 4 pm interested people can attend meetings where other CADRE members will be attending. They include:

From February 5, 2014 the Inner City S.U.P.E.R. (Service Users, Participating, Educating and Researching) group meets on level 3 of the O’Brien building cnr Victoria and Burton St, Darlinghurst, or 

From the last Tuesday of the month starting in February meeting at the Inner City Mental Recovery Working group at Surry Hills Community Centre, 40 Belvoiur St Surry Hills from 2 till 4 pm, or

From the last Friday of the month in February meeting at the Waterloo Neighbourhood Centre, Cnr Philip & streets WATERLOO NSW 2017 between 10 and midday. More information about the network can be found on their Face book page